Five more tricks on windows 10

Check out these five awesome tricks on windows 10

If only i knew these windows 10 tricks yesterday…

1 – More customization allowed

 tricks on windows 10

Windows 10 lets you personalize your desktop more thoroughly than before. Head to Start > Settings > Personalization > Colors, and choose Show color on taskbar and Start Menu

2 – Print to PDF

 tricks on windows 10

You can finally print a document (or rather, save it) as PDF without using a third-party utility using Microsoft’s Print to PDF

3 – offline maps are available now

 tricks on windows 10

The new Maps app lets you work offline (Remember those old Microsoft Maps programs?); click Settings > Download or Update Maps, and then select the continent and country you want.

4 – more privacy on windows 10

 tricks on windows 10

When you’re first setting up Windows 10, make sure to select a Custom install so you can modify the privacy settings, instead of going with the Express install

5 – It’s easier to clean up

 tricks on windows 10Head to Settings | Updates & Security | Recovery and you’ll see a new option under More recovery options: “Learn how to start fresh with a clean installation of Windows.” This link takes you to an online Microsoft help page that lets you download a tool to aid in clean installs.

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