Travel Hacks – Top Five Apps for Travelers

Planning next summer vacation?

While is true that planning a nice journey takes considerable amount of time and organization skills, the age of apps truly provide us with cool travel hacks that make the experience much more manageable. Covering most of the subjects now might just require a few taps on a touch screen. But, do you really wanna know how take advantage of the digital age for traveling?

Piece of cake! trying any of my Top five travel apps:


First thing to check: Flights. Don’t let planning travel drive you nuts –or so they say–. Hipmunk aggregates flights based on price and length (This one was developed by Reddit’s founder, Alexis Ohanian). This travel hack allows you to set custom alerts via Facebook, Slack or even Skype so you can find the best time to book your particular flight. Plus, you can actually set a departure city to find the best deals coming out of your particular area. Chat, discover, and book your next trip!

2. CityMapper

Well, there you have it! An app that tells you the best way to get to your final destination without having to rely on expensive cabs. This is perfect for people who want to save money, but are confused by public transportation. It will also let you book an Uber directly from the app, if that ends up being your best option.

3. GasBuddy

Find Your Perfect Pit Stop!
In case you were taking a road trip, GasBuddy is the best travel hack. It helps locating the cheapest gas station in the area and estimates how much a trip will cost in gas. Of course, the app requires your car’s make and model, your starting location and your destination.

4. HostelWorld

Having trouble with your Airbnb?
Looking to get a really good deal on your accommodations? Try staying in a hostel. HostelWorld is the app where you can search for a bed in a private room or one with a dozen of your soon-to-be best friends.

5. WhatsApp

Don’t forget staying in touch with friends and family while you’re abroad. WhatsApp allows you to do so without paying roaming charges.

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