How to teach kids CPR with Baby Shark

It turns out that the sticky tune about a Shark’s family tree, Baby Shark, has the hallmarks of another sing-it-while-you-perform-CPR hit: the Bee Gees “Stayin’ Alive” disco classic. Yes, it is between 100-120 beats per minute too. Plus, Baby Shark’s lyric is also easy to remember and infectious enough to entertain any toddler.

It all started when a dad and CPR instructor taught her two-year-old daughter to perform CPR with Baby Shark.

EMT and firefighter Chris Pietroforte, who owns and operates his own training facility, Central Valley CPR in Tulare, California, said his daughter, Saige, now 3, picked up CPR easily at age 2 when watching him at work. Then a video of Saige performing CPR while listening to Baby Shark went viral.

“I tell people all the time, if a 2-year-old can learn, why can’t you? So there’s no excuse for that […] My goal is to get as many people out there trained. … And the more people trained, the better it is out there for society.”

Says Chris Pietroforte.

Now some institutions are using the song to teach kids CPR too. Here’s an example from Westquarter Primary School:

Nex time you listen to Baby Shark tune out there remembrer it can actually help save a life.

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