How to to schedule WhastsApp messages to send them Authomatically

Schedule your Messages to Send them Automatically via WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business

Send messages to your friends and family at the most convenient times by using the following WhatsApp Hack. There’s an app called SKEDit that actually lets you create and post WhatsApp messages automatically after programming them at your convenience.

How to start scheduling my WhatsApp messages?



SKEDit is a free-download-app. You can find it at the Google Play Store. Anyways, I will provide you with the link so you can download it inmediately after clicking HERE.

Settings & Accesibility

Once you get SKEDit installed on your device, you can choose between WhatsApp, Email  and even Facebook to give the app a variety of accessibility permissions, so if you are agree just tap “OK” on everything.whatsapp

Setting your next posts

Now it’s time to create and schedule a message for a later date! just tap on the date and time fields. There you can set your target date on the calendar and the clock. SKEDit also provides you with a “repeat every” function, so you are able to repeat your message in hours, days, weeks, months, and years.


Choose between sending messages manually or automatically

Although automatic function sounds great, this setting asks you to disable your device’s lock screen security in order to post automatically. Therefore, I would reccomend the manual method. The last one works even if your lock screen security is on. Plus, it reminds you whenever the time to send a message comes so you could make any last-minute edits if needed.


And that’s it! Now is time for you to try this little trick in your device.

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