Morse code for Android and iOS thanks to Google’s Gboard

Google is bringing Morse code as an input method to Gboard for both iOS and Android

This year, Google integrated Morse code into the Beta version of Gboard for Android. Now, alongside the debut on iOS, the company announced they made various improvements to the Android version too.

-In case you are wondering, Gboard is Google’s keyboard with Google search built in.-

How does it work then?

Well, it includes settings that allow to customize the keyboard to fit every person needs.

When activated, Morse code fills the keyboard area with two large dot and dash icons. It works similarly to QWERTY’s keyboard. As you tap the icons, autocomplete and autocorrect options will appear at the top of the on-screen keyboard. also works with Google Assistant.

morse code

In addition, Google dropped a Morse Typing Trainer to teach users Morse code fast and easily. Trainer game-sorta has mobile and desktop versions.

Google wants people with limited mobility to type and communicate more easily using Gboard

Tania Finlayson, an assistive tech developer who collaborated with Google on the Morse code project, wrote a blog post about how the communication system has been “revolutionary” in improving her own life.

“Most technology today is designed for the mass market. Unfortunately, this can mean that people with disabilities can be left behind. Developing communication tools like this is important, because for many people, it simply makes life livable. Now, if anyone wants to try Morse code, they can use the phone in their pocket. Just by downloading an app, anyone anywhere can give communicating with Morse code a try”.

Since Morse code only uses dots and dashes, it’s an easy way for people with limited mobility to communicate.

Learn more about Tania’s story and Morse code for Gboard in the video below:

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