How to use Android 9 pie From your computer

Android 9 pie has a desktop version for you

Android 9 pie is the newest Google OS and besides the interface version on your Phone, you can use it on any computer for an optimal version fully adapted to desktop:

How to install android 9 pie on your computer

Well, there is this Bliss OS project, which dedicates to compiling a version of Android 9 Pie quite operational. That way, we can run the OS on a computer, just remember it is still a beta version, so the execution may present errors when entering the apps or tools exclusive to this operating system, said The Free Android.

android 9 pie

At the moment you install Bliss OS, you will find a system that boots well. you can even use the applications you have installed on your phone. In addition, you will be able to install all the ‘apps’ you want with the .apk extension.

android 9 pie

To use Bliss OS you have to do the following:

  • Download the system ISO from this link.
  • You can burn the image to a disk or use a flash drive to install the image. Find the instructions in the beta thread at XDA Developers.
  • There is a virtualization program to start the ISO. In my case I have used Parallels on the Mac.
  • Restart the computer with the inserted disk to recognize the Bliss OS image; or boot the ISO from the virtualizer.
  • Select the option you want: use Android 9 Pie as a Live CD or install the ISO on your hard drive.

IMPORTANT: Android 9 Pie beta is still very limited and needs a lot of improvements. Still, the system boots well. Installed applications can be used normally. You can try the new system version adapted to the desktop and, of course, you also have the option to install your own Apks.

Bliss OS comes without Google Play or Google services, so you have to install them separately if you want them. F-Droid is included.

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