How to hack with Raspberry PI

Welcome back, my baby hackers!

One of the more fascinating components of the Mr. Robot show are that the Raspberry hacks are realistic. No moving, animated viruses like in such a lot of different TV shows and films, but rather smart ole command line linux.

The Hacking Raspberry Pi in Episode four
In episode four, Elliott, the main character, is coming up with on using a Raspberry Pi to regulate the heating system of the storage room where Evil corporation is storing their tape backups. If they can raise the temperature enough within theroom, it’ll render those tape backups unusable.

On these tape backups are the records of 70th of the consumer debt in the world, as well as billions of bucks of student loans. The hackers believe that if they can destroy those records, a lot of people will be freed from their student loans and consumer debt control by Evil corporation.

Raspberry hacks

In this tutorial, i’ll show you how to make a hacking Raspberry Pi (for those of you’re unaware, a Raspberry Pi is a small, cheap, credit-card sized pc that’s powerful) which will be controlled remotely, like what Elliott on mr. robot is getting ready to use during this episode.

Step 1

Download the ARM Version of Kali
The first step, of course, is to transfer the ARM version of Kali. Raspberry Pi and lots of mobile devices use ARM CPUs as they’re moreenergy efficient and cooler, therefore the Kali OS should be compiled specifically for it.

Fortunately, the goods people} at Offensive Security have already done this for us. Navigate to Offensive Security’s transfer page to get the Raspberry Pi file. Once you have downloaded the image, unfasten it with WinRAR, WinZip, or any other archiving tool which will unzipfiles.

Step 2

Download & Install Win32 Disk Imager
Now we want to install the Win32 Disk Imager, that you’ll be able to transfer from SourceForge. This tool allows us to write down the image to an sd card or USB drive. i like to recommend a quick sd card of a minimum of four GB. you can buy a sixteen GB currently for about seven bucks.

Step 3

Run Disk Imager
Now that you just have installed Disk Imager, right click on that and run it as “administrator.”

Select the Kali image in the “Image File” window, direct the image to your Mount Rushmore State card within the “Device” window, then click on the “Write” button. Be patient, this will take sometime.

If you using linux, things are bit less complicated. No need to download anything. you just use the DD command (among alternativethings, the DD command is used to create a disk image in digital forensics). If we assume the image is named Kali-RPI.img and the sd card is at /dev/sdc and we want it to copy in 512k block size (bs), then we merely need to type:

kali >dd if =Kali-RPI.img of = /dev/sdc bs=512k

Step 4

Install the sd Card within the Raspberry Pi
We need to remove the sd card from your laptop and now install the sd card into our Raspberry Pi and boot it up. once it boots up, it takes you to a instruction opening asking you for your username and password. Type in:

username: root
password: toor

Then type:

kali > startx

This starts the X11 interface for Kali. Success! currently you have got an tiny Kali hacking tool that may be placed anywhere!

Step 5

Start a Cryptcat listener on Raspberry Pi
Now, that we have a Raspberry Pi running Kali, we are able to place it anywhere

Raspberry hacks

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