Five life hacks for every hacker

1 – Never break your cables again

life hacks

2 – Broken keyboard feet? no problem

life hacks

3 – Watered drink? not anymore

life hacks

4 – Easier and stronger password

life hacks

5 – Don’t forget where each screw goes anymore.

life hacks

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  1. I am always amazed that people aren’t aware of “Coffee Cubes”. I have been doing this since the 90’s when I saw a coffee shop do it for their iced coffees.

  2. Well I didn’t know about the coffee cubes. But extremely glad I do now. I love iced coffee but once it gets watered down it’s just not that good anymore. Now I don’t have to worry about that! Thank you : )

    1. Another good thing to do is freeze milk or cream in ice cube trays too. Then you can add a mix of coffee and cream cubes to your iced coffee. 🙂

  3. The hint for strong passwords is a must. On top of accented characters I also like to use more than one word but use the space bar as a character in the password as well.

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