Best dating apps to download for free

What would be a Life Hacks Section with no advice on the best dating apps to download for free? A lacking one for sure. So here is a list of the top ones:

Top 7 free dating apps for Android and iOS

1) Happn

Available for any operating system on mobile devices, Happn is one of the top dating apps of choice for more than 70 million users around the world. It works with geolocation and its goal is to connect those people who are close to each other or who have even crossed each other on the street, at least within a radius of 250 meters. It is certainly an interesting approach with pros and cons, but one that has paid off for the company, especially in large cities.

2) Meetic

Meetic is, without a doubt, one of the best known and most effective dating apps if your aim is to find a more serious relationship. In fact, it is one of the most serious, so it is not a suitable place to find sporadic relationships. It began its journey in 2001, and since then it has managed to join many lives. So it is possible to find love with Meetic.

Although there are users who do not pretend to have anything serious, the vast majority do have that intention. If you also want to find a partner, investing time on Meetic is a good option.

3) Lovoo

This spectacular dating application appeared in 2011 and quickly expanded. In a short time, it already had more than 70 million users, which is outrageous. Currently, even though it is no longer growing as fast as at the beginning, it keeps attracting new subscribers. The trust that it gets from people is very good. Their reputation tells us that is one of the best dating apps we can download and that is why it is still one of the best options to flirt for free.

4) Grindr

Grindr is like the Tinder used by people with a homosexual or bisexual orientation, and users who use it have a high success rate. It is a free dating app and has an easy operation. Like the previous ones, it is not specific to find a partner, but it is up to you to select those people who have the same interest as you in having a romantic relationship or not.

5) Bumble

Bumble moves away from traditional flirting platforms by giving women a starring role. Only the girls in this dating application can start a conversation and not the men. When two people like each other, then the girl can decide whether to write to the boy or not. It has been an original idea and it has been quite popular, so its growth has been fast and is now one of the most famous and remarkable today. Do you want to know how it works to register? Here is all the information about Bumble

6) Badoo

Badoo is a very versatile dating app that fits very well wherever you need it. It could be from your Android mobile or iPhone, but also from your computer. Although it seems that Badoo has had better years, especially in 2006, the year of its birth, it is still among the best applications to flirt for free. Currently, about 60 million people log into Badoo and it is available in more than 190 countries

7) Tinder

Last but not least. Tinder is probably the best known of the dating apps. An immense number of young people use the tool to find a partner and its undeniable success since 2012 is due to the way it works. Perhaps there is a misconception about Tinder relationships, thinking that it is just an application to have sex. But that’s not true. A large percentage of people who use Tinder are interested in starting a formal relationship, and even marriage. Here you can learn more about Tinder.

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