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Arduino Rubber Ducky

Arduino Rubber Ducky

Lets make a “Rubber duck” style device? this hack will use an arduino and one laptop, only! Meet the Arduino Rubber Ducky The arduino is an open-sourced project, available commercially in preassembled type, or as homemade kits. a number of them are extremely small and have a built-in USB connection that makes sketch transfer easier. Some of you will be thinking, how will Arduino be used […]

arduino hacking

Hacking a TV with Arduino uno

how to build an Arduino TV annoyer Most of those projects are aimed toward network hacking and data gathering, like every good hacking project, however this one, the DIY Arduino-based TV annoyer, is strictly for fun and laughs. Put simply, this small device canactivate TVs when you want them off, and switch TVs off once you want them on. think about it as an easy aprilFool’s gag, or something a bit more innocuous and less aggravating than the always-classic annoy-a-tron from […]

hack wifi

Easy way to hack wifi password

An internet connection has become a basic necessity in our modern lives. Wireless hotspots (commonly referred to asWi-Fi) will be found everywhere! If you’ve got a laptop with a wireless network card, then you need to have seen several networks around you. Sadly, most of those networks are secured with a network security key. Have you ever wished to use one amongst these […]

How to hack with Raspberry PI

Welcome back, my baby hackers! One of the more fascinating components of the Mr. Robot show are that the Raspberry hacks are realistic. No moving, animated viruses like in such a lot of different TV shows and films, but rather smart ole command line linux. The Hacking Raspberry Pi in Episode four In episode four, Elliott, the main character, is coming up […]