five food life hacks for lunch time!

Check out these five awesome food life hacks

1 – If only i knew this food life hacks yesterday…

Food Life hacks

2 – Nutella is sacred!

Food Life hacks

3 – More sauce!

Food Life hacks

4 – No more floating straw

Food Life hacks

5 – Come on, i know you do this!

Food Life hacks

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  1. That is all to funny people are always thinking of something else. Of course the great ideas are always taken before I have them :/

  2. if something is real the bacco i roll for cigs, i put 1/4 piece of bread in the bag (of bacco) and leave it a few hours. makes it moist again

  3. use a coffee mug as a stand so you can microwave two bowls of food at the same time. I would also say that the ketchup hack is a bad idea. You end up with a container with very little structural integrity. You will end up with a mess.

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