5 “Hacks” to get a cheaper Car Insurance

1) Finding the Best Deal

Finding the best insurance deal around is a given. But how do you find this? Well, there are heaps of insurance companies and getting just one quote from each of these companies is a great starting point. Figuring out what coverage’s they offer and what type of prices they have will give you some good insight as to what you’ll be getting.

Keep in mind that cheaper prices do not necessarily mean that you will have coverage that is not to par. The majority of the companies in the space offer adequate coverage for anyone.

Depending on what you do with your vehicle and how you drive your insurance premiums may vary from company to company. Here is a list of some great companies we would recommend you check out for some awesome coverage and affordable rates.

  1. Geico Insurance
  2. All State Insurance
  3. State Farm Insurance
  4. Liberty Mutual Insurance
  5. Progressive Insurance
  6. Your Local Insurance Company

We recommend these companies simply due to their coverage options and affordability.

They have amazing options for new drivers and senior drivers as well. Their vast array of discounts can really help you save each month. Go ahead and click on the links to get a free no-obligation quote with these companies and start to compare now.

2) Get those Discounts

Getting just a quote is great, its a step in the right direction when picking your insurance company. But what to do when you’re faced with multiple quotes that are similar in price.

What would help you make that final decision for the right insurance company? Well, ask them for discounts. Every insurance company has a different variety of discounts they can offer you that come in at a percentage amount. So depending on your needs, one insurance company may be better suited to you solely based on the number of discounts you are entitled to.

Sometimes just a few discounts can make a huge difference for you as opposed to many smaller discounts piling up. Shop around and see what discounts you can get with all the insurance companies out there.

3) Compare Your Quotes

Compare your quotes with every company out there. Yes, it goes without saying that there are many really big players in the space that are truly hard to ignore. But do keep in mind that even though they own most of the market doesn’t mean you should not give the little guy a chance.

Who knows, maybe you might find more than what you’re looking for with the smaller insurance companies out there.

4) Insurance Coverages on an Older Car

If you have an older car that may not be the best car to replace, you should skip out on some insurance premiums to help with your monthly insurance price. So when shopping, you should try to skip on a few coverages for an older vehicle like collision insurance and comprehensive insurance. Although, this will help you save money but make sure to check with your state and make sure you are meeting all the minimum requirements of the state so you don’t get into trouble.

5) Pay your Premium Up Front

To many people, this isn’t an option since budgeting as a whole is mostly done on a monthly basis. Although if there is a chance that you are willing to pay your insurance premium all at once, you can receive a heavy discount. Which in turn, proves to be a lesser amount per month when compared to the actual monthly payment.


Always remember that when you are shopping around for cheap auto insurance, the best way to find it is by getting a cheap price from the start. It gives a good indication of what your company would offer and how much of a discount you will get.

By using resources you will find that an affordable price is closer than you think. Just keep searching and you will find the perfect insurance policy that suits you.

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