3 ways to control your pc remotely from your phone

ipads and Android tablets can’t run windows applications.
I know, it sucks.

Fortunately here I’ll tell you 3 easy ways to have remote access to your Desktop PC

1.- Chrome Remote Desktop

pc remote access
pc remote access
Easy to configure, with this app you can manage several pc directly from Android and it’s very intuitive. You only need an extension installed on your Chrome browser and obviously the chrome application on your device. Then you just need to access your Google account on both browsers configure a security PIN and that’s all.

2.- TeamViewer

pc remote access
Another good tool to control remotly you PC directly from you phone device. You just need to install the app on your computer and Pc, copy and paste the security pin in the desktop application on your phone and its ready to control.

3.- Unified Remote

pc remote access
pc remote access
This is the app I’m using right now. First, you need to install the software on your PC then run the app on your phone. In settings find your PC for access remotely “this functions is available only if both devices are running on the same WIFI network.
These apps are really great for several activities in your daily life. Use one of these apps and start hacking your computer!

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