pc remote acces

3 ways to control your pc remotely from your phone

ipads and Android tablets can’t run windows applications. I know, it sucks. Fortunately here I’ll tell you 3 easy ways to have remote access to your Desktop PC 1.- Chrome Remote Desktop Easy to configure, with this app you can […]


How to to schedule WhastsApp messages to send them Authomatically

Schedule your Messages to Send them Automatically via WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business Send messages to your friends and family at the most convenient times by using the following WhatsApp Hack. There’s an app called SKEDit that actually lets you create […]

Add widgets to Samsung Note 8

Add Widgets to Samsung Galaxy Note8

Because people had such difficulties knowing how to add a widget to Samsung new flagship the Note8 we will give you a crash course. Widgets are open mini-apps on your phone (e.g., weather, clock, calendar, etc.) that can be added […]

Lock Android phone remotely

Lock your Android phone remotely

Lock your phone, remotely There’s nothing that kills the “buzz” as much as losing your phone, apart from losing your phone someone else and knowing that someone might have access to your personal files and pictures. But you know what […]

Win a Gaming Computer

Win a Gaming Computer RIG

Entry-Form The PC itself will be on display on the site and in our office in Feburary 2nd and here’s a look at what’s inside: Case: White Mid Tower Gaming Case w/ Tempered Glass CPU: Intel i7 GPU: Nvidia GeForce […]

windows 10 tricks

Five more tricks on windows 10

Check out these five awesome tricks on windows 10 If only i knew these windows 10 tricks yesterday… 1 – More customization allowed Windows 10 lets you personalize your desktop more thoroughly than before. Head to Start > Settings > […]

windows 10 to games

Improving windows 10 to games

Check out this great tip on how to improve windows 10 to games. tweaking the OS is often the fun part. Discovering and implementing computer user tips are my favorite a part of getting a significant new version of an OS. I still keep in mind back when DOS 5.0 came out, and that i was running DOS 3.3, and i got to try all […]

windows 10 tricks

Four cool windows 10 tricks

Check out these four awesome windows 10 tricks If only i knew these windows 10 tricks yesterday… 1 – Secret start menu If you are a fan of that old-school (i.e. non-tiled) start menu experience, you’ll be able to still have it—sorta. If you right-click on the Windows icon within […]

Windows God Mode

Enable The “God Mode” Folder in Windows 10

Are you a power user who wants access to your PC’s advanced features? Then “God mode” is your thing. Here’s how to access it: Right-click on the desktop > New > Folder. Rename the folder with this bit of text: […]

five windows tricks

Five windows 7 tricks

Check out these awesome windows tricks 1 – Using Keyboard Shortcuts Using the mouse, you’ll be able to drag-“˜n-dock windows to either side of the screen, or drag it to top corner to maximize it. These keyboard shortcuts are even faster: >Win+Left Arrow and Win+Right Arrow dock the window […]

food life hacks

five food life hacks for lunch time!

Check out these five awesome food life hacks 1 – If only i knew this food life hacks yesterday… 2 – Nutella is sacred! 3 – More sauce! 4 – No more floating straw 5 – Come on, i know […]

Five life hacks for every hacker

1 – Never break your cables again 2 – Broken keyboard feet? no problem 3 – Watered drink? not anymore 4 – Easier and stronger password 5 – Don’t forget where each screw goes anymore. See more only on Hacks.today

Lightsaber bar in Spotify

Lightsaber Progress Bar in Spotify

We spotted: a Lightsaber progress bar in Spotify!! Start the desktop client, Search for the Complete Star Wars Soundtrack in Spotify’s library, and Click Play. You will see the progress bar change to a lightsaber – click on the hilt […]

Arduino Rubber Ducky

Arduino Rubber Ducky

Lets make a “Rubber duck” style device? this hack will use an arduino and one laptop, only! Meet the Arduino Rubber Ducky The arduino is an open-sourced project, available commercially in preassembled type, or as homemade kits. a number of them are extremely small and have a built-in USB connection that makes sketch transfer easier. Some of you will be thinking, how will Arduino be used […]