Best Free dating apps for android and ios

Best dating apps to download for free

What would be a Life Hacks Section with no advice on the best dating apps to download for free? A lacking one for sure. So here is a list of the top ones: Top 7 free dating apps for Android […]

5 “Hacks” to get a cheaper Car Insurance

1) Finding the Best Deal Finding the best insurance deal around is a given. But how do you find this? Well, there are heaps of insurance companies and getting just one quote from each of these companies is a great […]

android 9 pie

How to use Android 9 pie From your computer

Android 9 pie has a desktop version for you Android 9 pie is the newest Google OS and besides the interface version on your Phone, you can use it on any computer for an optimal version fully adapted to desktop: […]

alarm apps

Top 6 best alarm apps for Android and iOS

Need to become a morning person? Then you are in the right place. The following alarm apps are, in my opinion, the best way to get out of bed and start the day! Top best clock alarms: 6 alarm apps for both […]

travel hacks

Travel Hacks – Top Five Apps for Travelers

Planning next summer vacation? While is true that planning a nice journey takes considerable amount of time and organization skills, the age of apps truly provide us with cool travel hacks that make the experience much more manageable. Covering most of […]

pc remote acces

3 ways to control your pc remotely from your phone

ipads and Android tablets can’t run windows applications. I know, it sucks. Fortunately here I’ll tell you 3 easy ways to have remote access to your Desktop PC 1.- Chrome Remote Desktop Easy to configure, with this app you can […]

Add widgets to Samsung Note 8

Add Widgets to Samsung Galaxy Note8

Because people had such difficulties knowing how to add a widget to Samsung new flagship the Note8 we will give you a crash course. Widgets are open mini-apps on your phone (e.g., weather, clock, calendar, etc.) that can be added […]

Lock Android phone remotely

Lock your Android phone remotely

Lock your phone, remotely There’s nothing that kills the “buzz” as much as losing your phone, apart from losing your phone someone else and knowing that someone might have access to your personal files and pictures. But you know what […]